Sweet Hemp Carp Fishing Hook Bait 1-Pound

Sweet Hemp Carp Fishing Hook Bait 1-Pound

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Sweet Hemp Hook Bait 1-Pound



This is one of our bolie quality hook baits. All of our hook baits are hand cut, this means baits that attract carp.

This is a full-pound of our sweet hemp hook bait. This bait is a bait that catches carp. If you're a hemp bait user, this bait is for you. This bait is strongly hemp based among many other awesome ingredients carp thrive for.

Our hook baits are manuufactured by us. We hand cut it all. No 2-pieces are the same shape, no 2-pieces are the same size. This is carp bait for the large carp.


We Strongly Support Catch and Release!


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